A Poem For Janet

A Poem For Janet    I’m not much of a poet, but I couldn’t help but write a little something about the fed’s complete misunderstanding of today’s market.  I’ll make it simple. Show me consistent, sustained economic growth, new jobs and allow people to really feel good about things again. I mean REALLY feel good. […]

Investors Fear the Froth

Investors Fear the Froth Like a bad milkshake or a pint poured too quickly, the froth-filled commercial real estate market is now causing concern for investors across the globe. And while the fundamentals driving the residential sector are different this time around (in comparison to 2007) the low capitalization rate and lower interest rate phenomenon […]

Service Driven Sales

Service Driven Sales You see, it’s not just me.  Other industry professionals, journalists and experts involved in the multifamily industry share in my distaste for LRO and other such revenue management programs.  Included below is an excerpt of an email I sent to Multifamily Executive (MFE) Editor Jerry Ascierto in response to his column summarizing […]

Life Lessons

Life Lessons     As a kid, my dad taught me lots of lessons. And one lesson he taught me over and over was to avoid putting my pride or ego so close to a decision I had made or was making that it became difficult or impossible to change my mind without hurting my pride. […]

Hustle and Flow

Hustle and Flow  Hustle and Flow is one of my favorite movies of recent years. DJ, the film’s main character, is a charismatic and charming young man who also happens to be, well, a pimp. And he’s not proud of it, but it’s how he makes ends meet in Memphis, Tennessee as he seeks to […]

June 2015 – The Investment Real Estate Top 10

June 2015 – The Investment Real Estate Top 10 Last night at our general membership meeting at the Apartment Association of Orange County, I was able to pay homage to an entertainment legend and update our members on the real estate market through a Top 10 list of my own.  And while I will share […]

Win One for Vin

Win One for Vin I can’t be the first person to say this and I know I’m not the first person to think it. Everywhere I go, whether it’s a meeting, business event or backyard party, frustration over the inability to watch the boys in blue fills the air. Unless, of course, you’re one of […]


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