But What Will I Do With All My Money? A Seller’s Dilemma in Today’s Market, PT I

Taken from my article published in this month’s Apartment News magazine…    But What Will I Do With All My Money? A Seller’s Dilemma in Today’s Market, PT I  Low interest rates, rising rents, increased occupancy and high market values, for sellers of multifamily properties, this could be the best time in recent years.  This […]

Lifestyle-Driven Communities

Lifestyle-Driven Communities By: Nicholas A. Dunlap Let’s face it. Life can become routine and at times, outright boring. And we all know how monotonous constantly seeing and experiencing the same things can get. Real estate development is no different. We’ve gone through art deco, colonial, garden style, low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise, podium, in-fill and after a […]

Robots Over Here, Residents Over There

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Looking forward to an exciting 2014, full of writing and new content! Check out an excerpt from one of my 2014 “Cover Your Assets” columns.  This is a very timely issue given some of the recent publicity and technological advancements of late.     Robots Over Here, Residents Over There By: […]

Laziness in the Age of the LRO

Laziness in the Age of the LRO By: Nicholas A. Dunlap    Recently, I spoke at the Multifamily Brainstorming conference on what came to be quite the controversial topic.  That is, I voiced my concern that our industry is being overrun by lazy people who do not understand some of the most simple marketing and […]

Set Yourself Up For Success

Set Yourself Up for Success By: Nicholas Dunlap  The great John Wooden once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  And while this is certainly true on a personal level, nowhere is it more true than business.   So often, people complain about their lack of productivity or their lack of success, failing to acknowledge […]

Adventures in Self-Publishing

Adventures in Self-Publishing Nicholas A. Dunlap On the verge of publishing what I feel is my best work to date in “Brick and Mortar Piggy Banks”, I am excited to have once again endured the labor of love that is self-publishing. For a first time author, the task can be trying. People ask me all […]

A Piece of Greece

A Piece of Greece  The National Bank of Greece is in the process of selling a 600 million euro stake in its real estate holdings to a Dutch investment bank.  This is described as the largest single transaction in greek real estate history, ancient and modern, of course.  Here, there are two items of interest. […]


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