I Survived the Audit !

I Survived The Audit! About five years ago, I had a large corporate client who owned around 400k square feet of industrial, retail and office space (outside of their normal business that involved a different kind of real estate). This was a fun portfolio to manage simply based on its diverse makeup and geography, but […]

Feeling the Pinch – Responding to a Slant Piece

Feeling the Pinch – Responding to a Slant Piece As an apartment owner/operator, I couldn’t help but cringe as I read Jeff Collins’ recent “Feeling the Pinch…” article. In what appears to be an attempt at explaining the rising costs of rent in Orange County, the article instead vilifies landlords and depicts a public forced […]

Volunteer Leadership – An Exciting Journey Ahead

Volunteer Leadership – An Exciting Journey Ahead Happy New Year! 2015 is off to a great start! This week, I had the honor of being installed as President of the Apartment Association of Orange County.  Going on my sixth year as a board member and my seventh year of active involvement with the association, this […]

Stepping Up to Start Up

Stepping Up to Start Up In today’s business climate, the term “start up” is often associated with web and tech type companies designing apps or products that are then marketed online, sometimes turning unassuming twenty-somethings into multimillionaires overnight. We all know the stereotypes – a coffee-fueled entrepreneur working through the wee hours of the morning […]

Not As Advertised

Not As Advertised If you use the internet on a frequent basis and well, chances are if you are reading this post you do, you might know that subscription boxes are one of the newest trends. There are a number of different boxes, each with its own theme: sports, travel, healthy lifestyles, baby stuff, music, […]

The Controversy Kid – 5 Years Later

The Controversy Kid – 5 Years Later By: Nicholas A. Dunlap Five years ago, I became a published author and an amateur economist. Yes, a self-proclaimed amateur economist. It’s funny to look back at my first article and realize the obvious improvement in my writing, but it’s rather disheartening to see that after five years, […]

But What Will I Do With All My Money? A Seller’s Dilemma in Today’s Market, PT I

Taken from my article published in this month’s Apartment News magazine…    But What Will I Do With All My Money? A Seller’s Dilemma in Today’s Market, PT I  Low interest rates, rising rents, increased occupancy and high market values, for sellers of multifamily properties, this could be the best time in recent years.  This […]


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