June 26

Mass Confusion in Today’s Housing Market

In last week’s Sunday edition of the Orange County Register, we saw what has grown to symbolize the confusion and chaos that is today’s housing market.  On one hand, Marilyn Kalfus’ “Unaffordable Rents Keep Squeezing More of Us” and on the other, David Whiting’s “Building, Crowding” piece in the same Sunday paper. With one perspective, […]

June 03

Apartment People: The Best Kind

Apartment People: The Best Kind One of my favorite things about our industry and specifically our business is the people. And while I’ve written countless articles, blogs and columns about our customers, our employees and our leaders, I have failed to recognize the sales and support persons who make our business work. I’m referring, of […]

March 31

Wait for the Win-Win

Wait for the Win-Win I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want a different take or opinion on the same study or statistics, just hire a different economist. But for those involved in the investment, acquisition and operation of multifamily housing, the recent “Cost to Rent Growing at a Slower Rate” […]

January 11

New Units Needed Now

New Units Needed Now Multifamily occupancy rates are up from 94% in 1995 to 95.4% today. And while this incremental growth is positive, it does not reflect the roller coaster ride that was 2007-2011. Today, we see a 4.6% vacancy rate, which translates to more than 11,000 apartment homes in Orange County sitting vacant and […]

January 07

My Friend Dean

My Friend Dean Eight years ago, I joined my first volunteer committee at the Apartment Association of Orange County and after proving myself to my colleagues, I became a board member. Having grown up in the apartment business and around our association, I can remember being a kid in my 20s around some of the […]

December 16

A Shift to Renterdom

A Shift to Renterdom Just about everywhere you look nowadays, housing makes its way into the headlines. And whether the topic is rents, market values, new development, buying or selling, columnists and economists are generally alike in their shared enthusiasm that something “big” is happening. But what’s going on today in 2015 is not the […]

November 15

The Answer to Affordability

The Answer to Affordability While many sub-markets in Orange County have yet to reach the previous high water mark for rents set prior to the great recession, owners and operators alike are pleased with the rebound as it suggests that with continued job growth and growing retail sales figures, a general sense of well-being is […]