Apartments, Industrial: Better Than the Rest

A study released this week by the CCIM Institute rated multi-family housing and industrial real estate as safer real estate investments than either hotel, retail or office properties. While there has been a general slowdown in commercial real estate activity, multi-family and industrial property types were rated at 5.1 and 4. 3 respectively on a 1 to 10 scale in terms of safety of investment. That said, the other 3 property types received negative ratings.

Low volumes of sales and construction, paired with a weak overall leasing market lead to the ratings. The numbers point to a “not sure bet, but certainly better than the alternative” investment scenario. At this point in time, the lack of quality inventory has many investors bracing for what is next to come. A number of commercial properties will be coming to the market as the so-called second wave of foreclosures hits.

At this point, it is likely we will see the cash-in-hand buyer have the pick of the lot. The old players will re-enter the game and the cash flow purchase will again be a reality, not a speculation.