Comments on a Harvard Business School Article

Comments on a Harvard Business School Article
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Harvard Business School published a great article on how and why business leaders should act more like artists. In the article, there were three key points mentioned that would improve the workflow of any office and coincidentally, these three things are done on a recurring basis by most artists. Artists collaborate, artists communicate and artists learn how to learn together. Imagine how much more efficient the average business would run with the management staff collaborating, communicating and learning together.

The outlook of the article is quite similar to a book I recently read entitled “From Good to Great.” In the book, companies are profiled and their leadership and key personnel are evaluated based on their technique, skill and management savvy. As the book’s title suggests, the transformation of a good company to a great company takes place as management becomes more efficient, more mindful and more respectful of the staff around them. Of course, there are budget cuts, mergers and other such occurrences that lead to the growth as well, but primarily, the book suggests that growth occurs on the personal level and starts with having a manager or management staff that the company believes in.

Part of gaining acceptance as a director or manager is establishing an ideal that is believed in and illustrating to your employees and co-workers that in striving for this goal or ideal, you are striving for success. Become an artist at your firm, communicate, collaborate and learn with your colleagues. When it comes time to make the jump from good to great, you will be thankful you did.

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