Rental Reviews in the Google Era

Rental Reviews in the Google Era
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Google has become one of the best online tools a professional can utilize. Be it searching for information to complete a report, viewing a photograph of a specific address or even searching for the updated contact information of a client, Google assists with it all. What’s more, the ability to save searches through the Google Alert feature enables you to be instantly notified the second that any name, phrase, address or keyword of your choice hits the internet. To create a Google Alert is as simple as visiting and inputting a keyword and your email address.

The Google Alert is extremely helpful to the owners and operators of multifamily housing. With the numerous sounding boards that disgruntled ex-residents can access to voice their concerns or discontent over business matters, a pre-saved Google Alert can help you become aware of the issue as soon as the writer has posted it to the internet. It is up to you to determine the validity of the matter, but in most cases, it will offer you the ability to clarify what really happened should you choose to respond. For supervisors, this can be a great way to monitor the jobs our on-site staff and personnel are doing. While most issues are negative and written in such an exclamatory and exaggerated manner that the reviews seem frivolous or without merit, a recurring issue is certainly worth looking into.

Google Alerts can help with everything from resident reviews, news to marketing and even police activity. Any area of the internet that contains your property’s name or address will be sent to you following it’s location by Google. As more and more of our residents begin their searches online, typing in the name of an apartment complex or even an address can bring up feedback and reviews from previous residents. Setup a Google Alert for your properties today and remain in tune with the happenings across your portfolio.