The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The Numbers Speak for Themselves
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

There is no better way to combat the effects of a down economy than good old-fashioned hard work. Through extensive marketing campaigns, enhanced on-site efforts and thorough market knowledge, we are outperforming the competition. Portfolio wide, we have only 11 units unaccounted for by way of application pending or approved move-in pending. At a time when local vacancy rates are up to 30 year highs and the local Orange County vacancy rate is at approximately 6.4% per Realfacts data, our portfolio is experiencing just a 1.5% vacancy factor, beating the market by almost 5%.

Customer service, understanding our current and prospective residents needs and responding to market trends has been essential to our success. If you know your customers, the financial issues they are facing and are thoroughly aware of your local market, you have the power to control your own occupancy rates. That said, 2010 is already looking better than 2009 for apartment owners.