New EPA Incoven…Regulation Soon To Be Upon Us

New EPA Incoven…Regulation Soon To Be Upon Us
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Okay, I will comment on the frustrations of property owners, service providers and others who are subject to new EPA Regulations coming into effect at the end of April. Under the guise of safety precautions, the EPA is punishing commercial property owners, painters, contractors, construction workers and just about anyone who works on a piece of property more than six square feet in diameter by subjecting them to a host of licensing fees, training classes (which incur additional fees) and the additional fees associated with licensing and training those who will actually be doing the work.

You see, it is not just the firm that must be EPA certified, it is also the director and the immediate supervisor of the work. If you have a staff that usually works in pairs, you will suffice in having one of the two workers certified. Let’s take account of the expenses incurred at this point: the firm certification for lead based paint remediation and renovation is $550. The course fee can cost around $255 per person (in this case it’s 3 people (manager, supervisor and worker). So now, we’ve spent $1,315 just to be in compliance. Add $255 for every maintenance technician or superintendent who will be licensed and you will see that the cost can quickly get out of hand.

That is, until you see the dollar amount of the fines that the EPA is imposing on anyone who is not in compliance with the new requirements. The fine, hold your breath, $37,500 for any minor infraction. And the rules, they are a plentiful. All complaints aside, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to fines or punishment from the EPA. Fill out the application on their website, include a check, send in the paperwork and get ready to spend 8 hours in a training course. You could be saving yourself a lot of money.