Three Steps to Successful Advertising

Three Steps to Successful Advertising
Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Last month I was featured as a panelist at the Apartment Association of Orange County’s informational luncheon covering a topic I am quite familiar with: internet advertising. While advertising on the internet is a relatively simple task, it is difficult to do correctly. In fact, many people feel they have the knack to creating effective ads and yet they have nothing to show for their efforts. When creating your advertising, envision your customer-base or clientele. In the housing industry, this is either the renter of an apartment home or the buyer of a home. Have you created advertising that directly appeals to and encourages the prospect to click, look and call? If your phone is not ringing, the chances are you have not.

The three most important steps to successful advertising include: consistency, clarity and quality. Thus, create informative marketing pieces that present information clearly and concisely and continue to market your product on a consistent basis. Remember, content is key. Be sure that your narrative is on point and that the featured photos showcase the most visually appealing aspects of your property. You will know you have succeeded when the phone proceeds to ring.