Notes From the Debate

Notes From the Debate
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Union Puppet and Special Interests’ Magnate Jerry Brown is pulling out all the stops in his current campaign for Governor of California. In reality, he is putting all residents, at least those with the hopes for jobs and a more pro-business climate in the near future at risk. Yes, that’s right, good old Governor Moonbeam, back to further batter the California economy. In last night’s debate, he suggested several times that Meg Whitman was not out for the average Californian, but for the Billionaire or Millionaire, a tactic that seems right out of the Obama playbook.

While there are a number of things wrong with the Republican Party’s campaign, most notably their tendency to dabble in Social policies and personal beliefs instead of sticking just to politics, one comes to wonder just how pedestrian Jerry Brown actually is when it comes to fiscal and economic policies. He illustrated to us all what a poor manager he was through the City of Bell scandal. Now, he has tried to position himself as the people’s champ, the one who indicted and charged these individuals with crimes, but in reality as the Attorney General, he was a witness to everything and made no moves until the Los Angeles Times brought the information to him.

Jerry and all the other Democrats in office need to realize that the Billionaires and Millionaires they vilify are the one’s who are employing the masses and creating or in our current climate: cutting jobs. Bolster our economy, keep the money changing hands and let’s get the economy churning again.