Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Just two weeks after the election and while our home state of California got rocked, there is sunshine on the horizon with the help of a Republican congress. Even better news is the sign that Democrats are now starting to realize some of the flaws in the dream that is Obamacare. Senate Democrat Max Baucus of Montana announced yesterday that legislation will be introduced to repeal the previous Obamacare requirement that businesses report to the IRS any vendor or service person that they pay more than $600 per year to. Of course, in the Real Estate Management business, this would have been time consuming and costly. To first learn, then obtain and ultimately report to the IRS the amounts we pay the countless vendors we utilize on a consistent basis would have been a nuisance at best.

Originally, this was meant to help the IRS detect business owners who were not paying their fair share of taxes. So, the idea was hatched to impose the burden onto business owners who would then have to, in addition to documenting their own finances, itemize and report to the IRS the costs paid to outside vendors. If that’s not a liberal ideal, what is? For us, that would have meant every: accountant, architect, attorney, carpet/flooring installer, contractor, designer, furniture provider, landscaper, painter, plumber, security guard, etc. While there are a number of other items in the Obamacare package that also need revision, the fact that Democrats are now starting to see some of the flaws in their own thought process and belief system is a great sign.

Maybe while they’re at it, they can let Barack know that he is no Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, contrary to his beliefs.