The Hollywood Farmer’s Market Fiasco

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market Fiasco (From a Property Owner’s Point of View)By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

I love a farmer’s market as much as the next guy. In fact, I frequent the two here in Fullerton and try to support the small businesses who participate in these weekly events as much as possible. But what right do a City and it’s residents have to restrict a property owner access to his/her property simply because they have been allowed to for nearly 20 years? I would hope you’ll answer none, but that’s not the case if you have been following what is going on in Hollywood.

The City of Los Angeles and the hundreds of people who have begun to protest the private property owner’s rights to access their property during a certain time so that the Farmer’s Market can continue to be held in the same location feel that the property owner (in this case a Film School) should not have the right to relinquish the courtesy that had been extended to the public for nearly two decades.

Hopefully the City of Los Angeles will realize that while it is the public who enjoys the event, it is the private property owner and his/her taxes and fees that foot the bill for the public services that allow these events to go on. The Market will go on, but hopefully in a different location and not at the expense of the property owner.