An Investor’s Thoughts On the Census

An Investor’s Thoughts On the Census
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Property owners should marvel over the recently released 2010 US Census data. The United States now has over 308,745,538 residents. Additionally, the South and West were the strongest geographical areas in terms of overall percentage growth at 14.3% and 13.8% since 2000. Texas has grown 20.4% since 2000. California has grown 10% in the same time. Arizona and Nevada were also strong at 24% & 35% respectively, although they have trended downward from previous highs in recent years. The data can be viewed and interpreted here:

With the strong population growth in the Southwest, investors should next look to the local markets that have added or will add the most jobs in the short-term. While this information was not monitored by the Census, I discussed this in my December 14th blog here: Property Lines: The Texas Two Step Texas is especially looking to attract California businesses. Additionally, Texas’ statewide unemployment rate is projected to drop from near 8% to 6% by the end of 2011, with market-specific unemployment rates lower in select primary markets.

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