A Word on Redevelopment

A Word on Redvelopment
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Redevelopment has helped keep cities thriving and local economies churning for decades. Through recognizing and understanding the fundamentals of a neighborhood, local CRA or Community Redevelopment Agencies have helped bring new life to blocks, neighborhoods and communities that have become blighted or forgotten over time. A partnership is created through the bond of the public’s needs & wants represented by the CRA and the financial interest & vision of a private entity. CRA has worked beautifully in Downtown Fullerton, Santa Monica, Old Town Brea, Hollywood, parts of Anaheim and Costa Mesa.

Redevelopment is an imperative part of local growth and forward movement. Completed redevelopment projects bring in additional sales and property tax revenue for the cities and even districts that specific properties operate in. All this and for some reason, Jerry Brown has stated he intends to eliminate Community Redevelopment Agencies statewide and use the money for Schools and Counties in need. In November, California voted to pass Proposition 22 to ensure that control over local funds remained at the local level. His attempt to cut the budget includes massive cuts to important offices such as the CRA.

Someone needs to remind Jerry that if it weren’t for CRA in Sacramento, he would not be able to live in his trendy loft and might have to live in a place as unkempt as the Governor’s Mansion.