Just What Is That Rate Increase Comprised Of?

Just What Is That Rate Increase Comprised Of?

By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM
It’s a question we have learned to ask in recent years. Public agencies or committees, their boards and decision-makers voting to increase rates exponentially in order to increase their pensions and benefits. In turn, they lobby politicians to support their cause or group instead of another’s. Today’s Orange County Register brought to light some of the expenses that the members of our local Water Board are claiming. There are a number of inflated expenses, ranging from Travel to Lodging to Meals to Entertainment.
Is there not a checks and balances system in place? How do these dishonest crooks continuously take advantage of the public they are elected to serve?
At a point in time when we are looking at rate increases of 66% over three years in the City of Orange, it is good to know just why our rates are on the rise. For those of us who do not serve on Public Boards or Committees at least we can find comfort with ourselves as we prepare our 2010 year end income/expense information for income tax purposes. After all, we pay our own way.