By The Time You Hear The Sirens

By The Time You Hear The Sirens
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

No offense to the economists, but I am firm believer in the idea that by the time you hear the sirens, its already too late. And so is becoming the case with great opportunities to buy or invest in Southern California and many other real estate markets nationwide. Simply put, cash heavy investors are looking for places to park their money. And whether you are looking at single family residences or multifamily housing, you have likely been beat to the punch by someone with more cash, less financing and as a result, a decrease in the corresponding escrow period. Whether the seller is a private property owner or a financial institution, this equates to quicker money in their pocket and with lower likelihood of a hiccup in the transaction.

The best advice? Study the comps, talk to the dealmakers and respond quickly to any and all opportunities that fit your investment criteria. While you will likely miss out the first time around, identifying the subtle nuances within the marketplace will help you recognize true value when it comes your way. Then, you realize success and become a positive statistic. That is, before the economists can identify it.
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