Trip To The Hill Part 2

Trip To The Hill Part 2
BY: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Springtime in DC and that means it’s time for the 11th annual IREM/CCIM visit to Capitol Hill. Due to our control and ownership of a significant amount of property within the areas represented, we have been awarded the opportunity to communicate directly with our elected officials to educate them on the foremost issues concerning the commercial real estate industry.

This is my second time participating in the event. You can read my blog summarizing last years event by clicking here:

This year we will be meeting with a number of new and old faces on the Hill. Our meetings include: Ed Royce ( a former tenant of ours), Loretta Sanchez, Dana Rohrabacher, Gary Miller and Darrell Issa to name a few. We will be advising them on policies such as: mortgage liquidity, covered bonds, increases in credit union lending as well as new incentives to encourage energy efficiency in the operation of commercial properties.

Additionally, I will be presenting each of the aforementioned officials with a copy of my book “The Four Benefits: Commercial Real Estate Investing & You”.

Stay tuned for a complete summary of events and occurrences on the Hill.