You Know You’re In California When…

You Know You’re In California When…
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

You’re a Real Estate Investor and you own multiple properties. You have built a successful approach to the operation and management of your properties and part of that includes the use of vendors who have a track record of getting the job done. A new bill (AB 350) carried by Jose Solorio would prevent this from happening. With AB 350, you would be required to retain the current service persons, not their companies, for at least 60 days following a change. Your preferred company would actually be forced to make these service persons their employees.

Oddly enough, when service is unsatisfactory and owners or tenants are unhappy it is usually the service persons who are to blame. Sadly, property owners would be forced to compromise quality in order to appease the socialistic, unionized ways of California.

Hopefully the various property right groups statewide will help put a stop to AB 350. And then, we can all make better decisions the next time we choose to elect a “head in the sand” politician.