The Jobs Forecast Is Bleak, Unless You’re Talking About Steve

The Jobs Forecast Is Bleak, Unless You’re Talking About Steve
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

I knew the numbers would not be great, but come on: unemployment actually ticking upward?

Stats released this morning by the Labor Department buck the trend of positivity we have experienced over the past year and a half. While we certainly see this reflected in the occupancy rates of our mid to large office space, our multifamily occupancy rates are rock solid. Unless we are testing the market at higher rates, our units are renting quicker to what appears to be a better quality of tenant, both income and credit wise.

Now, as for the US & California’s employment outlook: if only Steve Jobs could consult with our Legislators and Politicians to help open their eyes and instill the same sense of visionary thinking that has made his firm the continued success story throughout the downturn. It’s interesting to apply private-sector principles to public-sector fundamentals. Continued re-thinking of ideas and technologies and actually approaching a situation from the standpoint of: how can we improve on last year’s success or how can we ensure that we do not make the same mistake twice? Steve is a brilliant man and he is also in control of his own success. Our Representatives do not take the same approach to our livelihood. There is minimal responsibility and lots of shoulder shrugging.

If only our Legislators began to realize what actually worked for the public and continued to promote programs like the First Time Home buyer Tax Credit (nationwide) or if on the California state level there were actual benefits or incentives to continue to do business in California.

While people blame the FTHB Tax Credit for creating a false sense of stability in the marketplace, what it did was help create jobs, maintain jobs and instill stability in our economy. Follow the chain of command and look at how many people this touches: buyer/investor, realtor (1 or 2), mortgage broker and staff, appraiser, home inspector, contractor, escrow officer and staff, county offices, state offices, home warranty companies and ultimately the seller. With one move, have there been any other incentives introduced by the Uncle Sam that have actually touched at minimum 12 lives?

The answer is no. Their solution was to extend unemployment benefits. It’s time we get pro-active about change. As we have seen: hope springs eternal, but does nothing.

Please view the official DOL release here: