The End of Free Advertising?

The End of Free Advertising?
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

If you use Craigslist to advertise your rentals, you most likely have noticed the changes that have recently taken place. Going back nearly one year, the original layout had started to change until last week when the entire layout shifted. Now, the standard layout or home screen for Craigslist Account postings features four tabs: your postings, new postings, account settings & billing/accounting.

Those in the multifamily industry are certainly aware of the writing on the wall and that is: Craigslist will no longer be Free for property owners or landlords looking to advertise space for rent. This has been the talk for several years, but it appears that the time could be upon us. While the service continues to be free and is quite possibly one of the most effective methods of advertising for landlords, it will be interesting to see how the establish their rate structure once it becomes monetized. Will they charge per ad or per account? How long will the ads stay up for?

Just like with other services, it is likely that landlords will start looking elsewhere once costs increase. Will some of the other online or in-print advertisers be stepping up to compete for market share?