Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Investor’s Progress Report (9/11)

The Investor’s Progress Report (9/11)By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM As an Author/Economist, there are few things better than looking back on projections made 9 to 10 months ago and seeing that most were correct and more importantly, none were wrong. I wrote an article that published in the IREM Los Angeles “Inside IREM” Magazine as […]

Giving Back

Giving Back By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM Last week I had the opportunity to participate through the Institute of Real Estate Management’s Orange County Chapter as a panelist on “Careers in Commercial Real Estate” held at CSUF’s Mihaylo School of Business. Aside from hearing some great stories from my fellow panelists, the best thing about […]

Why Our Water Rates Are Rising…

Why Our Water Rates Are Rising By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM It’s good to know that we can count on public organizations such as the Water District to raise our rates in order to line their pockets with fat benefits and pension increases. After all, most of us in the private sector share these same […]

The D Word

The D Word By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM As we watch the economic crisis in Greece play out before our eyes, one can’t help but see parallels between the issues plaguing the Greeks and those facing Americans today. An over-sized Government with over-sized spending, pensions and benefits to it’s employees faces a serious issue: how […]

14 Months & Counting

14 Months & CountingBy: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM I have always considered myself an independent thinker and have voted for a variety of candidates and political parties in local and national elections. Often times though, I’d sway conservative on fiscal policies, cherish our 2nd Amendment rights, and favor a smaller government with less bureaucracy and […]