14 Months & Counting

14 Months & Counting
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

I have always considered myself an independent thinker and have voted for a variety of candidates and political parties in local and national elections. Often times though, I’d sway conservative on fiscal policies, cherish our 2nd Amendment rights, and favor a smaller government with less bureaucracy and less pension that controls spending and balances a budget. Socially, I would tend to be slightly more liberal, favoring our individual rights to do whatever we want within the letter of the law, to the extent the laws make sense and are not simply to satisfy or appease one’s religious beliefs.

Having said all that, allow me to now say what I think the rest of the nation now knows for certain: WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT IN 2012! One who can lead, one who understands and one who will right the ship. In retrospect, Hilary Clinton would have done a much better job than Barack had she won the candidacy. But it will likely take the fiscal conservatism, the understanding of what makes our economy tick and the experience that markets can thrive on in order to get us back on track. Yes, that means a Republican candidate. Re-electing someone who has no private sector experience will not boost private sector confidence. No. It will continue to grow our government, spend and borrow our country into a further downgraded mess.

So if it’s not Ron or Rick, let’s hope for Mitt. And hopefully, if things continue to trend downward, we will be just 14 months away from a strong uptick in our economy. Here is a photo of me at the Rick Perry Rally yesterday at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach.

And yes, if you look closely, he did sign my poster “Ricky”.