The Investor’s Progress Report (9/11)

The Investor’s Progress Report (9/11)
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

As an Author/Economist, there are few things better than looking back on projections made 9 to 10 months ago and seeing that most were correct and more importantly, none were wrong. I wrote an article that published in the IREM Los Angeles “Inside IREM” Magazine as well as “Apartment News Magazine” for the Apartment Association of Orange County that you can revisit by clicking below. In it, I described interest rates dropping, a better climate for investors, rental increases in select areas as well as the need for property owners to streamline their operations through e-operations and more. Not only have we seen rates continue to drop, rental rates have increased (not just in our portfolio, but county and region-wide) and the climate for buyers could not be better…That is, if there was just more to buy in Orange County! Not to mention, software and app companies continue to develop programs intended to help multifamily owners and managers.

Check out the article here:

Property Lines: The Seven for 2011: The following text is taken from an article I wrote for both Apartment News Magazine February 2011 & the forthcoming Institute of Real Estat…