Real Estate As Your Muse

Real Estate as Your Muse , Part I

If you enjoy reading books about life or business, or perhaps how you can streamline your business and improve your quality of life, then perhaps you are familiar with Tim Ferriss. Tim is the author of the NY Times, WSJ & Business Week #1 Best Seller “The Four Hour Work Week”. The book, which I highly recommend, discusses the ways that business owners or operators can relieve themselves of the minutiae and monotony of the miniscule, day-to-day operations of their businesses and actually enjoy life. A crazy concept, I know.

Tim is an Angel investor and actively invests and encourages readers to invest and/or build online businesses that are easily operated within our new global economy. This business or venture is known as a “Muse”. What occurred to me as I was reading the book is that as the owner/operator of commercial real estate, we streamline the investment process for our clients in a way that enables real estate to be their muse. What’s more, these clients then receive the additional benefits of owning real estate, benefits that would not apply to someone operating an online shop or marketplace.

Whether you are a lone investor looking just for a professional management company, or an investor looking to partner in a real estate syndication venture, there is great opportunity for cash flow, tax shelter, equity buildup and a hedge against inflation. With the right systems in place, you can be cruising the Mediterranean, reviewing financial information via email or portal and having your periodic income directly deposited into the bank account of your choice.

Now, that’s my idea of a global economy. Stay tuned for future blog posts on this most interesting topic.

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