Finding Substance Past the Headline

Finding Substance Past the Headline
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

The problem with our world today is that we thrive on headlines and article blurbs. We thrive on the “buzz” of the keyword or attention grabbing phrase that graces our internet homepage. People with short attention spans make permanent decisions on individuals, situations and scenarios without bothering to read the full story, many times not bothering to read beyond the cleverly worded catch phrase or title.

Take for example this bit from the Wall Street Journal on December 1st in response to the ongoing debate over the so-called rich not paying their “fair share” in taxes.

“Tech Millionaire: ‘The Rich Aren’t Job Creators’”

In the piece, the interviewee went on to state that he only created jobs because he had to and that if his product didn’t sell, then he would not continue to employ as many people as he originally had. As we dissect this statement, we see that not only is the statement exaggerated, it is untrue in this very scenario.

The interviewee made profits on selling products. To manufacture and sell these products, he had to hire labor. However, he states that he only hired these people because he had to and did not keep them employed as sales began to slow and ultimately stop. You don’t say?

He admits he created and took away jobs and yet says “the rich aren’t job creators”. Well, the rich might not drive the demand for a product that creates jobs, but they are often times the force behind the supply of a product; the entrepreneurial mind or go-getter that puts his money where his mouth is; bets big and wins big. Conversely, these bets can go sour and the entrepreneur can lose big, sometimes even bigger than the initial investment. That said, it is only right to recognize the true brilliance of the entrepreneur: the true American Capitalist.

It is important to understand the high-level of risk taken on by many entrepreneurs and reward them with the one thing the government has to offer: tax breaks and benefits. With politicians looking to fill some of the budget gaps, these few benefits have been hammered away at by most. Just this morning, New York State has decided to impose higher taxes on those earning more money. Why? Because they feel that the rich are not paying their fair share? Sadly, it is not the mega-wealthy who will feel the squeeze, more the upper middle class.

Sadly, it is only the Republican party who recognizes the American people’s need for these benefits. My point is not to ask you to change your political affiliations, but to take the time to read beyond the headline, to see past the headline, read past the blurb and listen beyond the sound byte to arrive at an informed, educated decision on the issues that significantly impact our nation and our economy.