Don’t Talk Trash Around a Garbage Can

Don’t Talk Trash Around a Garbage Can
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

Nowadays, you can’t search for a business or property without the corresponding Yelp Review or Apartment Ratings content catapulting itself in front of your eyes. This can be a great thing if the reviews are positive or even accurate, but given society’s penchant for spewing negativity on a business or establishment following an experience that was less than favorable, it is quite possible that this content is not what you would want your current or prospective customers to see. Being as this is a fairly new concept, I would like to point out what I have noticed.

Several of our market-rate multifamily properties (6 to be exact) have received exceptional ratings from residents both current and former following their residency at these properties. The Palms at South Coast in Santa Ana, Pine Bluff in Costa Mesa, Colonial Maple in Orange, College Palms in Fullerton, Eastbay Villas in Newport Beach to name a few. I am alerted via a pre-set “google alert” with any corresponding reviews the moment they post to a site. Reason being, we have a pre-established game plan for responding to negative reviews. Our most consistently unfavorable (if you can call them that) reviews tend to come from our generically named University Village property. That is: our sole student housing property.

What I love about our reviews for University Village is that there are so many student housing complexes across the US, in California alone we have them in: Fullerton, Pomona, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Chico, Long Beach and the list goes on. Maybe it’s something in the name, but University Village is by far the most frequent Google alert that I see. Reason being, the insensible nature of the corresponding student base. Negative reviews can often be so inflammatory or exclamatory that they lose all merit or validity through their unrealistic approach to reviewing.

So, if you find that your businesses or your properties are plagued by reviews that are less than desirable, read my post from October, 2010 and find out how you can help yourself and your business.

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