2012: Could the Mayans Have Predicted Economic Apocalypse? Part I

2012: Could the Mayans Have Predicted Economic Apocalypse?
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Outlook on Investing that appeared in this month’s Apartment News & Apartment Management Magazines. I will be publishing it in segments here on my blog.

It’s hope and change all over again. And while many business owners hope for change at the Executive level of our Federal Government, we still have a year before the official change takes place, presuming of course that there is a change. With the coming election, we should expect a somewhat steady year economically. That is, no major changes to policies or procedures, except maybe a slight drop in interest rates. Some might see it as a way to buy the election, but all feelings aside, it is a much needed shot in the arm to a still ailing economy. So while a full recovery is still years away, it is safe to say that as apartment owners and operators, we are headed in the right direction as we head into the new year. Let’s consider some points of interest as we plan for a fruitful 2012. And unlike the Mayans, I do see hope for us past December.