2012: Could the Mayans Have Predicted Economic Apocalypse? Part V

2012: Could the Mayans Have Predicted Economic Apocalypse? Part V
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM

The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Outlook on Investing that appeared in this month’s Apartment News & Apartment Management Magazines. I will be publishing it in segments here on my blog. Here is Part V.

Comply or Wave Bye
Although it might not be required until 2013, Carbon Monoxide detectors belong in your apartment homes now. Combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are affordable enough and even cheaper when bought in bulk. Be ahead of the curve and harness this opportunity for good PR. Sure, it’s not required until next year, but we installed it now because we care.

The verdict is still out on the newest changes related to the Virginia Graeme Baker act. We all rushed to implement the required modifications or upgrades out of fear of steep fines and penalties, only to have a Commissioner mysteriously change his mind as to his original decision; mysterious of course because there was no record of issue causing his change in opinion. That said, if we as an industry are unsuccessful in our efforts to thwart this new proposed change, we will be subject to additional changes to our drains and most likely increased fines and penalties should we not comply. Stay abreast of updates from your local association to ensure you stay in compliance.

Sorry, I cannot put a positive spin on the senseless overregulation of our business by the Federal Government.