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Tales From a Part-time Politico

Tales From a Part-time Politico: 2012 Capitol Conference Recap BY: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM  *As published in the May 2012 Edition of Apartment News Magazine* As you know, your AAOC membership provides you with a wealth of benefits and resources.  While some of these resources are more easily quantified & include the updated forms, credit […]

From Manager to Managing Partner

From Manager to Managing Partner Click the link to see highlights from my recent keynote presentation at the IREM LLS Conference in Washington, DC.  The event was a quick, entertaining and enriching look at how professionals in the asset/property management industry can transition into earning equity interest in assets through leveraging their professional relationships and […]

Ten Most Trusted Brands…Banks Nowhere to Be Found

Ten Most Trusted Brands…Banks Nowhere to Be Found While reading the paper over the weekend, I noticed a top ten list published that highlighted the top ten most trusted brand names in America. The list included: Ford, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nike, Apple, Amazon, Ford, Coca Cola, Southwest Airlines, Target & Fed Ex. For the most part, […]

Reality Strikes For Realtors

Reality Strikes For Realtors. One of the newer trends in reality television is the showcasing of behind the scenes interactions between real estate agents and their clientele. Whether working with buyers or sellers, several shows on Bravo & HGTV highlight the glamorous side of marketing and selling (in some cases) high-end, luxury real estate. As […]

Highlights From the Recent AAOC Rental Outlook

Highlights From the Recent AAOC Rental Outlook Recently, I was on a panel at the Apartment Association of Orange County’s trade show in which we discussed market activity, outlook and other things related to investing and operating income producing real estate. You can read the write up in the Orange County Register by clicking here.