Reality Strikes For Realtors

Reality Strikes For Realtors.

One of the newer trends in reality television is the showcasing of behind the scenes interactions between real estate agents and their clientele. Whether working with buyers or sellers, several shows on Bravo & HGTV highlight the glamorous side of marketing and selling (in some cases) high-end, luxury real estate. As someone working full-time in the real estate industry for as long as I can remember, I certainly know what it is like to be on both the principal side and the agent side, the buyer side and the seller side. I find it interesting to follow some of the stereotypes or stigmas that either are incorrect, inaccurate, or in some cases spot on about real estate professionals.

First off, there exists the idea that real estate agents who are paid on a commission based on the sales price of the house are overpaid. As seen in both shows, agents often tour dozens of houses, spend thousands of dollars on marketing a property and in the end do not make the sale and are thus not compensated for the time. Simply put, this comes with the territory in real estate. If anything, as one matures in their career they grow more astute at spotting potentially time wasting clients.
Some of the Realtors who are featured on these shows appear to be more beauty than brains and do not have much to offer in terms of strategy or expertise other than simply showing up and looking good. This too, has lead some to feel that the real estate profession is one centered around vanity and other shallow personality traits. Thus, some of the other stereotypes such as: unprofessional, dishonest, out for a buck and a cutthroat personality can be seen and experienced firsthand.
If anything, what these shows do illustrate is that as with any field or any profession, there are stereotypes that exist and quite possibly for a good reason. But just like in life, it is important to approach each situation with a clear and open mind, as opposed to judging someone by the actions of their colleagues.