What You Can’t Buy With Social Media

What You Can’t Buy With Social Media
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM
At almost every conference I have attended over the past 3 years, there seems to be a roundtable discussion, panel or thought group focusing on how to maximize the ROI of social media advertising in the apartment industry.  And here we are, years after Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites became the pillars of our social lives and still, people don’t get it.  Million dollar budgets, special job positions/corresponding salaries and overpaid consultants are brought in to advise on a topic that is so…simple?
People who don’t get it think that Social Media is an outlet for the same, lame, recycled sales pitch that customers do not want to listen to or be subjected to in person.  Clearly, it’s not.  Social media is the eye contact across the bar that leads to further contact or conversation.  It is the opening of a door, the generation of interest or rekindling of an existing flame.  That is, if someone is interested it should attract them or create urgency.  If they are uninterested, they will ignore it and walk, or in this case click away. 
A simple starting point to foster this interest or to generate activity is to ask questions, create the conversation and get people interested in what you have to offer.  It really is that easy.   
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