Rainy Days

Rainy Days 
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap 
When I was a kid, I loved rainy days.  Something about growing up in Southern California and rarely having the winter season and rain that the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest or Eastern USenjoys made me look forward to the few days each year that it would actually rain.  One of my favorite things to do was watch the rain beat down on palm trees, soaking the fronds and saturating the trunks.  And as the palm trees grew full of water, you would see the rain begin to trickle off or slide down the fronds into a puddle of water down below. 
Of course, with age comes responsibility.  And now, I have grown to associate raindrops, earthquakes, fires and violence with my numerous responsibilities.  That is, I must first think of and assess my own welfare and then look for the emails or phone calls that could potentially come in.  Are there leaks? Are there damages? Is everyone or everything okay?
Yes, that means that as I lay in bed and listen to the raindrops as they beat down on the roof above me, I am silently taking an inventory of what I might have to address as soon as I get to the office; what vendor might try to double or triple their price due to the in acclimate weather or circumstances.  But ultimately, as with any “people” business, it is about taking care of your customers and keeping people happy.  And that is what we do. 
Interestingly enough, I actually blogged about real estate and rain back in 2010 and you can read that by clicking here.