Self-Publishing: My Story (Part I)

Self-Publishing: My Story (Part I) 
By: Nicholas A. Dunlap

Writing is something that has always been easy for me.  Could be because I started reading at such an early age.  It’s funny.  When I was five years old I would consistently get up at 6:00am and pick up the newspaper in the hopes of catching my dad before he left for the office.  Some days I was successful and others not.  Then came writing; first it was short stories.  You know, the tales of ghosts, monsters and other haunting tales.  And if I wasn’t writing, I was probably reading.  In high school and college, it was long papers and research projects.  Something about telling the story of how something happened, predicting why it will or detailing how it should have happened always appealed to me.

So after I graduated and did not have that outlet, I resorted to tutoring high school and college students and helping them write their own papers.  I even assisted with editing projects as well.  Since then, I have written dozens of articles or columns for business journals, papers, magazines and trade publications, but really, that was the extent of my writing.  It was a passion or a hobby, but nothing more.

And then, something occurred to me that really made a lot of sense…

Being in the real estate investment and management business, I constantly meet people who want to invest but don’t know how to or why they should.  They know that owning real estate is smart, but don’t realize the true benefits.  So what I did was condense my “beginners” real estate investment course into a book and make it available for clients, customers, friends and family.  Along the way, I received a lot of positive feedback and even some constructive criticism that I have truly enjoyed.  Not to mention, the Institute of Real Estate Management liked it so much that they made it an “IREM Publication” and began to hype and sell the book for me as well.  This move garnered additional interest from the Realtor community as well.

So I am pleased to say that what started as a fun way to educate beginners on commercial real estate investment and the four benefits of owning commercial real estate has now become a marketing tool and another way for me to continue doing what I like to do almost as much as buy and sell real estate and that is to write.  There are over 500 of these books in print and over 200 e-copies that have been sold.  Not cracking the Best-Seller’s List by any means, but I am having a great time doing what I enjoy.  If you are interested in reading my book, you can find it on or in the IREM Bookstore at  In the Orange County, California area you are welcome to stop by and pick up a copy.

What do you do for fun? What truly makes you happy? There is no reason you shouldn’t pursue your own happiness today.