2013: The Liberal Supermajority and Your Continued Success. Can they co-exist?

2013: The Liberal Supermajority and Your Continued Success. 
Can they co-exist?  Part 3 of 3

By: Nicholas A. Dunlap 

This is the final installment (Part 3 of 3) of my 2013 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. Please note: I have been right on 100% of my predictions for 2011 and 2012.  Don’t believe me? Read 2011 and 2012 by clicking on the respective years. 


  1. Trim it Down or Tailor it Up
Apartment owners love the simplicity of tenants, toilets and turnovers, but given the tax climate in Californiaand the rumors of a split-roll, you may want to consider purchasing single family residential in bulk.  If not, re-read my second suggestion and look outside of Californiaat multifamily and office properties in other States that you like.  You will also want to consider exchanging into TIC (Tenant In Common) offerings that will allow you to skirt the 3% real estate transaction tax that we welcomed with Obamacare. 
  1. Feed the PAC (Political Action Committee)
Associations such as AAOC need your help to combat the outright foolishness that comes our way.  It is important to realize that with the liberal supermajority, we have quite the uphill battle.  Please, give what you can to help fight the fight in Sacramento.  Your property rights depend on it. 
There you have it.  Five things that you can do in 2013 to ensure your continued success.  Preserve your wealth by protecting your interests and defending what you have worked hard to achieve.  And the next time you have a chance to vote for people who want to take it away from you, be sure and vote them out.