Monthly Archives: July 2013

When Once in a Lifetime is Once Too Many

When Once in a Lifetime is Once Too Many By: Nicholas A. Dunlap, CPM   The following post is taken from my January 2013 “Cover Your Assets” column in which I discussed dealing with a fire at one of your buildings.  I am pleased to say that I am going to walk the property in […]

July 15

Sure, Blame It On the Economy

Sure, Blame It on the Economy By: Nicholas A. Dunlap As with many operational decisions, whether you offer a concession or opt for the vacant space depends on the owner’s goals.  So if there is one thing you take from this column, remember the next two sentences.  While occupancy continues to trend upward and the […]

July 13

Professionally Comfortable, Not Overly Casual

Professionally Comfortable, Not Overly Casual   By: Nicholas A. Dunlap Coming across as too personal or too casual is hazardous to your professional relationship.  You want to endear yourself without blurring the lines of personal and professional relations.  One of my favorite things to discover about a new client is how they became real estate […]

Let Me Think About It

Let Me Think About It By: Nicholas A. Dunlap I know, comparing multifamily to industrial is an apples to orange comparison, but in this case it fits. Multifamily mirrors the single-family residential market in that things slow down over the holidays. It is not uncommon for units to sit vacant from Halloween until after the […]

July 08

Content Coming Soon!

Content Coming Soon! By: Nicholas A. Dunlap This past week, I was reminded of my infrequent-as-of-late blog posts.  Aside from work and volunteer activities, I have also been putting the finishing touches on my new book #BMPB which is scheduled to be out in September/October along with a slew of promotional and other articles for […]

July 03

Emerging Trends, Submerging Logic

Emerging Trends, Submerging Logic By: Nicholas A. Dunlap One of the emerging trends in start up sites and smart phone applications is the landlord biz.  With millions of landlords and tenants nationwide, this is a bourgeoning market for tech and software developers.  Some of the newest technology pulls reviews (written by the public) and includes […]