It’s Easy in Orange County

It’s Easy in Orange County

From a multi-family owner’s perspective, Orange County is just an easy market to operate in.  And for that matter, Southern California is in general with the exception of maybe a few rental sub-markets tends to outperform most rental markets in the United States.  This operational ease is not necessarily in relation to the restrictions or overregulation by local agencies or the layers of red tape that can at times come between their goals and the end result.  No.  This ease is in relation to the inherent demand for multifamily housing in the Southern California area.  Markets like Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and others in the Southwest have an abundance of product that causes competition – essentially decreasing rents and increasing vacancy rates.

So for investors looking to acquire multifamily housing, there is a reason you pay a premium to be in Orange or Los Angeles Counties.  Not only should you be 100% occupied, but you should be receiving maximum rents as well.  If not, you may want to reevaluate your management strategy.