Monthly Archives: November 2013

Adventures in Self-Publishing

Adventures in Self-Publishing Nicholas A. Dunlap On the verge of publishing what I feel is my best work to date in “Brick and Mortar Piggy Banks”, I am excited to have once again endured the labor of love that is self-publishing. For a first time author, the task can be trying. People ask me all […]

November 19

A Piece of Greece

A Piece of Greece The National Bank of Greece is in the process of selling a 600 million euro stake in its real estate holdings to a Dutch investment bank.  This is described as the largest single transaction in greek real estate history, ancient and modern, of course.  Here, there are two items of interest. […]

November 09

Customer Service Gone Wrong

Customer Service Gone Wrong Customer service is the lifeline of any business.   From product presentation to salesmanship and from sale to follow up, the ability to identify and respond to a customer’s needs is not only the foundation of a successful business but the launch pad for repeat business and referral marketing.  Today with social […]