Adventures in Self-Publishing

Adventures in Self-Publishing
Nicholas A. Dunlap

On the verge of publishing what I feel is my best work to date in “Brick and Mortar Piggy Banks”, I am excited to have once again endured the labor of love that is self-publishing. For a first time author, the task can be trying. People ask me all the time how they can write their own book and I see so few people follow through.

I am big on step-by-steps, so I have made it simple. If you have your own story to tell but do not know how to start, you can refer to the list below. It is important to understand that self-publishing is not cheap and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

1. Write the best story possible. Period. No exceptions.

2. Hire a good editor to correct grammar and advise on readability, storyline and quality of content. $

3. Review the changes.

4. Hire a good typesetter to lay the book out for electronic and print format. $

5. Review the changes.

6. Hire a designer to draft the front and back covers. $

7. Prepare marketing materials. $

8. Register your work for sale in the iBookstore, Amazon and wherever else you’d like to see your work sold.

The most time consuming of the above enumerated 8 steps is the writing of your story. It takes time. Wake up early, go to sleep late, cross country flights, little league games, you name it. If you have a story burning within, stop at nothing until you write and publish it. I have blogged about my foray into self-publishing in the past. Click the following link to read more .