Win One for Vin

Win One for Vin
I can’t be the first person to say this and I know I’m not the first person to think it. Everywhere I go, whether it’s a meeting, business event or backyard party, frustration over the inability to watch the boys in blue fills the air. Unless, of course, you’re one of the few people in Los Angeles who can actually watch a game from the comfort of your own home.

But now, after being deprived of nearly 2 seasons of Dodger baseball, my frustrations have come to a head. Mergers, contracts, fees and regulators closely involved, you’d think this was some sort of mess made on Wall Street (it is), not the stuff of America’s pastime. Yet through it all, the greatest injustice is not just in our inability to watch Dodger blue, but our being denied the right to indulge in the last of the first growth Bordeaux better known to Angelenos, sport and dodger fans alike as Vin Scully.

A throwback to the best of an era when sportscasters actually called a game (and among the best at that), Mr. Scully provides as much insight into the players and their ball clubs as he does entertainment and anecdote. And selfishly, a bit of nostalgia; a memory trigger of my childhood and many Friday nights spent at my grandparents’ house. Their dimly lit living room, their now antique furniture and their tiny television, watching Channel 5 attentively from my favorite spot on the rug, waiting for those five magical words: “it’s time for dodger baseball”, knowing that my grandfather was seated behind me on the couch just as excited as I was. As magical a place as dodger stadium is and was, the first game I was old enough to remember attending in person felt odd without that magical voice.

What’s this new generation going to do without these same memories? I’ve got a 10 month old and she has a grandfather who is ready, willing and able to continue the tradition. Sadly, while the financial resources on both sides of this dispute are endless, our time here is not. We are reminded of this as Mr. Scully continues to work, well into the 9th inning of his career.

Baseball is America’s pastime and dodger blue is the lifeblood of our city. It’s time to end this blackout for the sake of time and for our generation.

It’s time to win one for Vin.