A Poem For Janet

A Poem For Janet

I’m not much of a poet, but I couldn’t help but write a little something about the fed’s complete misunderstanding of today’s market.  I’ll make it simple. Show me consistent, sustained economic growth, new jobs and allow people to really feel good about things again. I mean REALLY feel good. None of this uncertainty that weighs heavily on everyone from investors to first time homebuyers.  Then, yes, then you can proceed with your measured .30 basis point increase.  Until then, obey the speed limit.

So here’s my poem. My ode to Janet:

Dear Ms. Yellen,

You’re as blind as a bat.

Projecting rate increases?

Markets don’t warrant that.

Our economy is moving,

But not like it should.

You’ll hold off on rate hikes,

If in fact you know what’s good.